Residential areas in the Angol valley, the 15th trail of Bukhansan Dullegil
Residential areas in the Angol valley / From a blog by 황금박쥐, http://blog.daum.net/hsykms/551

This trail has quite a long way approximately 4.7 km between Angol valley and Hoeryong Information Center. On the way, a part going around the ‘Jikdong Park’ may give an impression for how artificial constructions could be in harmony with nature.


INBETWEEN (4.7 km) :
Angol Valley   ⇔   Hoeryong Information Center

A map of Angol-gil, the 15th trail of Bukhansan Dullegil
The 15th, Angol-gil route / From iPhone App developed by Korea National Park Service(KNPS) & a KNPS web, http://ecotour.knps.or.kr/dulegil/course/course15.asp



Angol Valley : Stop at a Line 1 subway station, ‘UiJeongbu’ and come out to Exit 5. Take a bus, number 1, 5, or 23 at the same bus stop(ID 08121) for the entrance of Wongaksa. Move 5 stops(might be less due to nonstops), and get off at a stop called “Angol”(ID 08013). Be guided by the video clip below for a footway route up to the boundary gateway of both the 14th and 15th trail. It’s about 1.7 km.


Hoeryong Information Center : Stop at a Line 1 subway station, ‘Hoeryong’ and come out to Exit 3. From the exit 3, you need to walk to ‘Hoeryong Information Center’ about 1.3 km. Please be advised the footway route to the center by watching a roadview clip below. Once you have reached the center, you will see the other entrance gate of the Angol-gil to the righthand from on the Hoeryong bridge. If you keep going over the bridge, then, 100 m ahead is an entrance gate of next trail, ‘Boru-gil’ on the lefthand.

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