A path on Uiryeong-gil, the 21st trail of Bukhansan Dullegil
A path on Uiryeong-gil, the 21st trail of Bukhansan Dullegil / From Korea National Park Service(KNPS), http://ecotour.knps.or.kr/dulegil/course/course21.asp

This trail is not a part of Dullegil’s circular path but a path going across Bukhansan slightly to north side. If you want to walk this path, a reservation is required in advance. If you are foreigners, Please call for a reservation to 031-855-6559(To start from ‘Entrance of the Gyohyeon Uiryeong-gil’) or 02-998-8365(To start from ‘Ui, Uiryeong-gil entrance’). This course is allowed to get in only between 9 AM-2 PM and trailing should be completed no later than 4 PM. Please bring your ID cards to show at the entrances.


INBETWEEN (6.8 km) :
Ui, Uiryeong-gil entrance  ⇔  Entrance of the Gyohyeon Uiryeong-gil

A map of Uiryeong-gil route, the 21st trail of Bukhansan Dullegil
Sec.21 Uiryeong-gil route, Bukhansan Dullegil / From iPhone App developed by Korea National Park Service(KNPS) & a KNPS web, http://ecotour.knps.or.kr/dulegil/course/course21.asp



Ui,Uiryeong-gil entrance : Get off at Bukhansan Ui station which is a station on the Ui Light Rapid Transit(Ui LRT) line started shuttling between the Ui station and the Sinseol-dong station  on September, 2017 as one of Seoul Light Rapid Transit(Seoul LRT) lines.  Take a way out through exit number 2(Exit 2), and walk about 220 m straightaway, then you will see a post seen in the [Pic1].

The posts at the starting spot of Uiryeong-gil
[Pic1] The posts at the starting spot of Uiryeong-gil

Entrance of Gyohyeon Uiryeong-gil : Stop at a Line 3 subway station, ‘Gupabal’ and come out to Exit 1, and take a bus, number 34 or 704 at a bus stop(ID 12-111, just at rear of the Exit 1). Move 23 stops(might be less due to nonstops), then get off at a bus stop called “Uiryeong Obongsan Seokguram Ipgu”(ID 68-206 or 39137, the stop has two IDs but you might not see one of them). If you got off at the correct stop, walk straightaway about 50 m to the bus heading, where is a branch to Seokguram-gil and also the boundary spot of three trails, the 12th, 13th and 21st.

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