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Categorizing my taxi services is best to know fares.

Below is what I can offer you in my services.

  1. Operation between Incheon International Airport(ICN) and other areas.
  2. General taxi operation in Seoul and the outskirts.
  3. Rent hourly.


Zones in Seoul
Zones in Seoul

Firstly, as for the running between ICN Airport and other areas, the fares are specified to three kinds as flat rates. The picture[Zones in Seoul] on the right shows the three zones where customers are charged by the flat rates. The reason for the fixed rates is because meter-charge can be higher abnormally than usual metered rates due to road traffics. So the fixed rates have been appropriated with reasonable prices by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

ICN⇔Zone A : 55,000 KRW(Korean Won)(Apprx, 55 USD) including tolls.

ICN⇔Zone B : 65,000 KRW(Apprx, 65 USD) including tolls.

ICN⇔Zone C : 75,000 KRW(Apprx, 75 USD) including tolls.


As the second, when customers use my taxi as general except the above, every charging is applied by metered rates. Even on running in Gimpo Airport (GMP), rates will be metered. For example, the rate between GMP and the Blue House where is about the north of Zone B would be around 30,000KRW.


As the last service, customers can rent my taxi service hourly, in which three hours is the minimum rent unit, and the flat rate is 70,000KRW/three hours which has been also arranged officially by the government.

# Payment by either cash in Korean Won or all kinds of credit cards.